Arianna: Media's Role Is To Spotlight What Is Working

Arianna believes that people are inherently good, and a way to "encourage these better angels of our nature" is to publish news that not only informs, but enlightens.

Speaking with philanthropist and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar at the Omidyar Network Executive Forum last week, Arianna discussed some of the ways the media can highlight -- and encourage -- positive social change.

In the past, Arianna noted, the media was viewed as "the observer, the reporter," because if journalists were engaged in creating a positive social change, they worried they would become cheerleaders for a particular cause. She sees the media's role in the world very differently.

"I think that putting the spotlight on what is working is a huge obligation in what the media needs to be doing, and I don't think we're doing a very good job at that," Arianna said. "So I have tried at The Huffington Post to create dedicated sections that deal specifically with what is positive, with what is happening around the world that is actually advancing social change and having a positive social impact."

Some of those sections include Impact, What Is Working? and Good News.

One of Omidyar's other projects is Honolulu Civil Beat, Hawaii's largest news organization dedicated to civic affairs journalism. On Wednesday, The Huffington Post and Honolulu Civil Beat announced a partnership to create HuffPost Hawaii. The new site, which is expected to launch this fall, will give readers more information about the island state, its economy, its residents and its Aloha spirit.


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