It Only Took 11 Days After Acquisition For Tumblr To Lose Its First Big Employee

Just 11 days after officially being bought by Yahoo, Tumblr has lost its first high-level employee, Jacob Bijani.

Tumblr's creative director, hired by the hip blogging platform in 2008, announced his departure on his personal Tumblr (naturally). "I’m so proud of what we’ve all created together, and it’s been a privilege to contribute to something beloved by so many," he wrote. "I can’t wait to see what’s next for the product; I’m sure it will be nothing short of incredible."

Bijani was hired somewhat by accident. Five years ago, he inquired about an out-of-date job posting at Davidville, the company that would become Tumblr. Founder David Karp, aware of the design work Bijani did on his personal Tumblr, respond that though the job post was expired, he was "beyond interested."

All accounts indicate that the departure was amicable. "I’m going to take some time off to digest the last few years," he wrote. However, neither Karp's own Tumblr nor the official staff Tumblr have been updated with a statement on his leaving. Karp controversially cut the editorial staff of Tumblr's journalism project, Storyboard, in April, seemingly to rein in costs so the company can become profitable.

Though Bijani's interest in the company purchased for $1.1 billion isn't disclose, the fact he was only Tumblr's fifth employee suggests that the twentysomething is able to walk away a significant amount of money. Time magazine reported that Tumblr's 178 employees will divvy up $66 million from the Yahoo buy.

[h/t Valleywag]

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