Online: Staring is Caring

This spring, it's OK to stare at naked legs. Olcay Gulsen, Tess Milne and Anna Nooshin let you stare at their legs. Want to stare? Just show you care and raise awareness for HIV affected women in Africa.

The new campaign – Staring is Caring – that ACHTUNG! developed for a very special collaboration between fashion brand SuperTrash and STOP AIDS NOW!

Campagne credits

Concept & design: ACHTUNG!

Rokje: SuperTrash

Regisseur & Fotografie: Bill Tanaka

Technical Development Website: Superhero Cheesecake

Opdrachtgever: Kim Harmsen (SuperTrash), Wijnand van der Werf (STOP AIDS NOW!)

Modellen: Tess Milne, Anna Nooshin, Olcay Gulsen

Styling: Roel Schagen (Eric Elenbaas Agnecy)

Hair & Make-Up: Fedde Hoekstra (House of Orange)

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