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Publicis Dallas launches âBirdsâ the first-ever advertising campaign to increase awareness of Histoplasmosis, a disease where bird droppings lead to a fungal infection that gets into the lungs, bloodstream and eyes.

Category: Charities & appeals

Client: PSA - Histoplasmosis

Agency: Publicis Dallas

Country: United States of America

Executive Creative Director: Shon Rathbone

Group Creative Director: Julia Melle

Group Creative Director: Eric Moncaleano

Art Director: Julius Prilianto

Producer: Holli Burlison

Web Developer: Jeff Stachowskiâ¨

Account Director: Allison Coxâ¨Media

Planner: Rita Shroffâ¨â¨

Illustrator: Narda Leboâ¨

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