4 Tips to Break Into the Music Industry


It's not always easy to follow your dreams, and there are certain industries that pose a greater barrier to entry than others. The music industry is definitely one of those. Whether you have dreams of volunteering your summer at Warped Tour, or you want to represent emerging talent — there are smart steps you can take to enhance your chances of breaking into the competitive music industry.

1. Join a Street Team

Street teaming is a great way to get your foot in the door and make some important connections, especially if you don't have a resume bursting with music-industry experience. As a street team member, you would typically hand out promotional materials such as stickers, posters and CDs to businesses in your market area — including record stores and coffee shops. When you're promoting different artists or shows in your local community, you're forming relationships with others who are interested in music — you're networking without realizing it. There is a low barrier to entry with street teaming — most labels or companies just want to find people who are enthusiastic about the work Read more...

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