Charles Saatchi Statue in London Is Ready to Strangle You

Charles Saatchi is ready to strangle anyone who dares get to close to him -- or at least this life-size statue of him at the Jealous Gallery in London's Crouch End is. Created by an anonymous British artist, the work is titled "Playful Tiff," which is how Mr. Saatchi described the widely publicized incident where he "strangled" soon-to-be-ex-wife Nigella Lawson at a London restaurant earlier this summer. The statue features a red-hued Mr. Saatchi, complete with devilish horns and arm outstretched. Viewers of the piece are encouraged to place their necks in his hand and snap a photo.

While the piece's goal is clearly to be controversial, it's also worth noting that it turns the tables on Mr. Saatchi, who is not only a well-known adman who for years advised creative campaigns, but also an avid contemporary art collector and author of an art book. We'll see how he likes being the subject of a piece of art, rather than simply a connoisseur.

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