How Dropbox Scaled From 2,000 to 200 Million Users


When Dropbox launched to the public in 2008, the service grew seemingly overnight from just a few thousand users to hundreds of thousands — and then millions

That's great for a new startup, but it presents some engineering problems, especially when you start to think about scaling your infrastructure to meet the demands of your users.

In the case of Dropbox, the company faced an even more difficult challenge because it was billing itself as a real-time storage and syncing solution. For Dropbox to be successful, users had to be able to trust that the service was fast, reliable and safe

So how did Dropbox manage to scale? Rajiv Eranki was Dropbox's head of server engineering at Dropbox from 2008-2011. He was the second engineer hired and from the beginning, his job was focused was on helping the product scale. During his tenure at Dropbox, Eranki watched the company grow from 2,000 to 40 million users Read more...

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