Maurice Levy Points Finger at Rival WPP Over Client Conflicts

For newly-minted colleagues Maurice Levy and John Wren, it's been a parade of conference calls and question-answering about the merits of their deal to create the biggest ad firm in history.

For journalists and analysts, it went from radio silence last week to a crescendo of communications scheduled haphazardly and at inconvenient times. The first press conference was announced this past Saturday afternoon to take place early on Sunday morning. Another three have taken place since, the latest one being announced at 6:30 pm on Tuesday to take place at 7am on Wednesday.

The flurry of discussion around the Publicis Omnicom Group merger has set the tone for what's shaping up to be a months-long process during which Messrs. Levy and Wren will be pressed repeatedly to justify the reasons for the deal and address just how they plan to integrate the two companies that just a week ago were competitors.

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