Wendy's Incident Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Standing up to a bully is easier said than done, but it can also have a sweet payoff… literally.

Two teens at a New Jersey Wendy’s allegedly decided to take matters into their own hands when a customer began berating an employee who was having a difficult time working the cash register, according to a thread on Reddit.

"I butted in, telling [the customer] that she's just doing her job and if you… spent one day in either a food service job or retail, you would understand the difficulties," one of the teens wrote in the thread that received over 900 comments.

The unpleasant confrontation apparently wasn’t all for nothing. After the incident, the grateful cashier gave the two teens a free order of chicken nuggets and two Frosty desserts, along with this note:

angry wendys customer

We reached out to Wendy's to see what they had to say about the incident.

"We’re proud of our register operator -- her actions are a reflection of her personality and her training," a spokesperson from Wendy's wrote in an email. "We’re also proud of the two teens who stood up for her. This story makes our day!"

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