Amazon's Mobile Commerce Ads Could Help Publishers Sidestep Advertisers' Hesitations

However steeply as mobile ad spending is expected to rise in the next several years, app developers in practice still find themselves struggling to convince many marketers that those tiny strips of real estate are worth all the effort and sometimes limited reach.

Now Amazon is trying to give developers another option for that real estate with its mobile ad units enabling Android apps to sell products and receive a cut of up to 6%. A company like Electronic Arts, for example, could use the new ads to offer NFL team jerseys to people playing the Madden NFL 25 mobile app. Angry Birds maker Rovio could market the game's line of plush toys. The products being offered just have to be available on

Should the move succeed, the e-commerce giant could add a significant piece to the ad business it has been quietly piecing together as a potential rival to Google's and Facebook's.

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