At Least One Person Thought Miley's VMA Performance Was Great

The fact that stories about Miley Cyrus' VMAs performance, like this one, still persist four days after the singer dry-humped a foam finger on the Barclays Center stage is a testament to its success. That, however, hasn't stopped Cyrus' manager from speaking out and dispelling rumors that Team Miley is "freaking out" after the raunchy show.

"We were all cheering from the side of the stage," Cyrus' manager, Larry Rudolph, told Us Weekly of the 20-year-old's friends and family, including her mother, Tish. "It could not have gone better. The fans got it. The rest eventually will."

Previously, Us Weekly reported Cyrus' team was in panic mode after the performance, as an unnamed insider claimed team was unaware of was was about to go down on stage: "They saw the rehearsals, but those were really played down compared to the live performance."

In reality, Cyrus' team appears to be celebrating. In fact, Rudolph, who is also Britney Spears' longtime manager, seems to be encouraging Cyrus' new image.

"Miley is [evolving in the industry] now organically," he told The Hollywood Reporter in July. "There's no such thing as ‘OK, let's figure out the plan for growing up.' It doesn't work. The public sees through it in two seconds, and every artist who's tried to do it has failed."

Rudolph went on to compare Cyrus to Spears, who in his mind was able to pull off the transition organically.

"[For the] third album, [Spears] wanted to make edgier music. She sought out Pharrell. She's the one who insisted ‘Slave 4 U' be the first single and she was right. She was the one who sat down with Francis Lawrence and came up with the video concept," he explained." It was not some record-company executive and a manger sitting in a room plotting this out," he continues. "Same thing with Miley. What you see now, this is her."

Since taking the VMAs stage on Sunday night, Cyrus has been defending herself from all the backlash by sharing racy photos and posting the few positive reviews of her performance on Twitter, most recently tweeting what her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, thought:

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