Is CMO-CIO Tension Hindering Marketing Progress?

As marketing becomes more tech-centric it is becoming more and more apparent that there needs to be alignment between those who are trying to move products and impact the bottom line of a company and those who design, develop and execute the technical requirements necessary to help companies perform in the modern era.

In other words, marketing and tech pros have to learn how to get along. Actually getting along isn’t even close to being enough. What is likely to need to happen moving forward is that CMO’s and CIO’s will need to work hard to bridge the current chasm that exists between the two disciplines.

Accenture has produced an in-depth report, The CMO-CIO Disconnect: Bridging the Gap to Seize the Digital Opportunity, looking at the problems that exist between marketers and the tech side of the ledger.

Here is one chart that will help show just how far apart marketers and technical folks are.

CMO Obstacles

Well, if you are on the tech side of this chart you may be a little insulted.

So what does the IT department think about these matters? Well, here is some data to consider.

Internal Obstacles Faced by CIOs

Just taking a look at the first two factors it is interesting to see the agreement about solution complexity and integration difficulties. It’s at the next most important factor where the divide is obvious and it’s not any different than the trouble that exists between human beings in most circumstances. It’s simple communication.

Without diving too deep here, it appears that the trouble is that CMO’s and CIO’s are simply not talking. Why is that? What makes it so difficult for these two areas to talk to each other?

It’s at this point that I turn the conversation over to you. Is it necessary for marketing and technology to get along in order for progress to be made in the evolving business world? What will it take to bridge this gap? What are your thoughts and suggestions?

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