Koch Weighs In On Syria Crisis

Billioniaire David Koch weighed in on the situation in Syria on Friday, saying it would be "dead wrong" for the United States to take military action.

In an interview with Yahoo! News' Chris Moody, Koch, a prominent backer of conservatives, compared a potential attack on Syria to "putting your head into a hornet's nest."

“You’re going to get shot at from all directions," Koch said. "There’s all this talk about attacking the bad guys in Syria, but whom do you attack? Where do you find the people who put these chemical weapons together, this poisonous gas? To me it’s an impossibility, and we’re just going to generate a huge increase in the hostility to the United States in my opinion.”

Koch's not the only conservative to speak out on the crisis in Syria. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) said President Barack Obama should "let Allah sort it out" in a Facebook post on Friday.

Obama announced Saturday he has decided the United States should take military action in Syria, and that he will seek authorization from Congress to do so.

Click here for more on Koch from Yahoo! News.

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