Ron Paul Unfiltered: Libertarian Icon On His New TV Channel

Scott Medintz

Former Texas congressman Ron Paul has never been at a loss for ways to pass the time. Between his books – he’s got a new one out in September – speaking engagements, the presidential runs, and now his online venture the Ron Paul Channel, his professional pace has tended to belie his 78 years. The newest of those enterprises is his just-launched subscription-based video “channel,” a platform presenting Paul’s unfettered commentary on the news of the day for which subscribers pay $9.95 a month. That gets them access to a handful of episodes a week featuring the indefatigable libertarian standard-bearer editorializing at length on his favorite subjects and interviewing friendly guests, with Paul broadcasting from Texas and most of the technicians working from California. Paul, who says he doesn’t technically own the outlet, nevertheless sees its launch as typifying today’s media topography, in which mobile devices level the playing field for would-be publishers and let anyone with a microphone use new media to bypass old gatekeepers. To help him take the plunge into new media, Paul is relying on an ownership group whose leadership has ties to prominent tech and venture capital firms. “When I left Congress, a lot of people came to me and suggested new ways to do the things I’ve done for a long time,” Paul told TIME. “They had different suggestions for different vehicles, but most of them were really using the Internet, since the Internet was always the friend of our campaigns and for our supporters to get organized. So I went with the group that offered to set up the ability for me to work from Texas and not have to go to New York or travel to communicate. They set this up where I could have an Internet-based program, which was attractive to me. “We’re doing this because we believe the news is canned. That you don’t get independent analysis. The channel does have similarities to TV-type programming, but it really can’t be a news channel where you’re up on every second of

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