Small Business Must-Reads -- Friday, August 30

By WSJ SMALL BUSINESS TEAM Live from The Accelerators: In this video Spreecast chat from Thursday, Aug. 29, Theresia Gouw, venture capitalist at Accel Partners, says VCs want to know how a startup would use their money; pitching coach Nathan Gold urges founders to rehearse their pitch; and founding CTO T. Scott Case advises against using buzzwords or jargon. The Accelerators. Secure your site: Over the past few weeks we've shared a few stories about how small businesses are much more vulnerable to cybercrime than larger companies, which tend to have the resources to protect data and employ IT specialists. Unfortunately, a new report from the Small Business Authority shows that the overwhelming majority of small businesses (86% to be exact) think they are perfectly secure. Marketwatch/Wall Street Journal. Hiring: Even though businesses are expecting higher revenues this year, most DC small businesses (and about half of national small businesses) aren't planning to hire in the coming months. Capital Business/Washington Post. Continental confidence: American small businesses aren't the only ones feeling optimistic about the future – the Canadian Federation of Independent Business released a report yesterday saying Canadian small businesses are feeling bullish. Canada Real Time/Wall Street Journal. Passing the buck: Health insurance costs for small business owners have been rising for more than a decade, and some are concerned the health care law will drive their premiums higher at an even faster clip. Many appear to be coping by passing some of the costs along to employees. Washington Post. Follow WSJSmallbiz on Twitter @WSJsmallbiz.Don't miss today's Startup Must-Reads What are you reading today? Please add your comments, or shoot us a note at

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