What Twitter's Trendrr Buy Means for Social TV

The big news in social media this week was Twitter's purchase of Trendrr. This is great for Twitter, which acquires great technology just in time for TV's new season. It is also, I would assume, great for Trendrr. (Congrats, guys!) But for the TV networks, producers, brands and agencies that are all still trying to figure out this thing that is "social TV," it risks becoming a step backward.

Twitter, just for the record, is awesome. It is a wonderful platform for marketing, listening and sharing, especially with text. The immediacy of the 140 characters, the ability to see and search trends through hashtags, and the personal involvement of many celebrities with their own accounts makes Twitter perfect for real-time reactions around TV.

But as great as Twitter is, it is only one of the platforms that comprise social TV.

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