Today's Marketing Cookie: Your Photos Never Sounded So Good

Today's Fortune: "You have musical talents. Make them known."

Today's Marketing Cookie® is about photos that sing.

2013-09-27-TodaysMarketingCookie20130926.jpgThere is an old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", and thanks to my friends at Shuttersong, great photos are no longer silent. With a simple click of a button, your photos can speak, they can sing, and unlike videos, they've never looked so good.

Visual content is shared and liked as many as twelve times more than text or links on social networking sites. Agencies like ours have been working in a perpetual huddle to develop strategies for maximizing the power of photos for the brands we represent. We do this, because it works. We overlay brand messaging on photos, we add quotes, captions, sayings, offers and calls-to-action, all in an attempt to extend the power of photos into a vehicle for delivering more prospects into the sales funnel.

For instance, the following photo was submitted by an enthusiastic M&M's fan, and her quote was printed on the image. Imagine how much more powerful this photo could have been if Jennifer had used Shuttersong to record herself saying, "I LOVED it." Wow! No matter how you look at it, even though the M&M's marketing team used ALL CAPS to capture Jennifer's excitement, something is lost in the translation. Seeing the transcript of her quote will never be as impactful as hearing the excitement in her voice.


2013-09-27-shuttersong.png Capturing user-generated photos is but one example of how Shuttersong presents an untapped, new opportunity for marketers. With some clever thinking, brands can also use Shuttersong to deliver rich media advertising messages in the photos already being published, shared and syndicated through all social channels.

Best of all, users do not need the free Shuttersong app to hear your photos. Watch the video below to get a great sense of how Shuttersong works, and you'll see what today's fortune is talking about as it says, "You have musical talents. Make them known."

About today's fortune

Every day, Myles Bristowe, the CMO at CommCreative writes a blog post based on whatever it says in other people's fortune cookies. The photo for today's fortune (above) came from Marsh Cochran Sutherland of Lincoln, MA. Marsh is an experienced Boston area startup founder and a proven social media marketing evangelist. Marsh is consistently ranked Top 10 in the world's Top 100 Startup Experts To Follow On Twitter... and for good reason. For further inspiration, I encourage you to follow Marsh on Twitter: @marshsutherland & @socialgrow

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