Volkswagen Beetle: The Beetle Remix

Director Wendy Morgan brings her music video prowess to the advertising realm with Volkswagen’s interactive piece “The Beetle Remix” for Red Urban Canada. The long-form promo features the multi-faceted Canadian musical group Walk Off the Earth performing one song three ways, in part by using the VW Beetle as part of the rhythm section. On the screen are three words: playful, soulful and powerful. One of these qualities is highlighted at a time, with the scene depicting the five-piece performing the song in a specific musical genre. With each keyword, we see them employ appropriate instruments and visual personas to reveal the particular elements of the Beetle. The car is not just a backdrop, as the band experiments with different features of the car to employ it as an instrument in itself. For ‘playful,’ Wendy Morgan sets the band at the beach, where they offer an acoustic folk-inspired interpretation complete with a ukulele; the ‘soulful’ rendition finds the group crooning in a domed music studio with a gospel choir; and ‘powerful’ sees them transformed into a grungy rock band performing in a tunnel at night. With deft weaving of styles, Believe director Wendy Morgan delivers a cohesive message with a commercial that is as playful, soulful and powerful as the car it advertises.

Advertising Agency: Red Urban, Canada

Agency Producer: Andrea Hull

Account Director: Sonia Ruckemann

Sr. Account Executive: Beatrice Recio

Creative Director: Christina Yu

Art Director: Alicia Outschoom

Copywriters: Cooper Envoy, Jon Taylor

Production Company: Untitled Films

Director: Wendy Morgan

Director of Photography: John Houtman

Executive Producer: Lexy Kaviuk

Line Producer: Michael Smith

Editor: Dave De Carlo / Rooster Post

Flame Artist: Andrew Rolf / Fort York

Colourist: Wade Odlum / Alter Ego

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