Best of the Best Lists: The Year's Top TV According to, Paste, AFI and More

EDITOR'S NOTE: To close out the year, Ad Age media columnist Simon Dumenco has been gathering up selected notable critics' picks across pop culture and presenting them in convenient, all-in-one servings by category. Yesterday's round-up covered the best music of 2013. The first round-up of New Year's Eve covered movies. And here, TV.

Indie pop-culture magazine Paste's 25 Best TV Shows of 2013 list starts with a telling note: "With basic cable, pay channels and now streaming services like Netflix cutting into their once-dominant domain, only four network TV shows made our 25 Best TV shows this year." Sundance Channel's "Rectify" kicks off the countdown in the No. 25 spot, with AMC's "Breaking Bad" taking No. 1. (The four network shows that did rate? Fox's "Bob's Burgers" and "New Girl," CBS's "The Good Wife" and NBC's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine.") offers its Best TV Shows of 2013 list in the form of a 20-slide slideshow. ABC's "The Goldbergs" ("Adam F. Goldberg's semi-autobiographical show has made sentimentality cool again, mixing in sweetness and warmth with the insults and laughs") starts off the list at No. 20; "Breaking Bad" takes the No. 1 spot. One late, great on the list: NBC's "30 Rock" (at No. 15).

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