Update Your Job Search for 2014

While many of us have been hunkered down waiting for the recession to pass, the job market has been changing. To succeed in a transformed job market, know what you’re really worth. Research the salary you can realistically command — it may, unfortunately, be less than you expect. (The recession led to little or no increase in pay; there was actually wage deflation during this period.) Helpful resources are PayScale and Glassdoor. If you want to be sure, ask a headhunter or talk to people in your professional association. Next, make sure you’re not using old-fashioned search techniques. In the last five years, job boards have been going the way of newspaper ads. Now, recruiters proactively use social media to identify potential candidates instead of waiting for resumes to come in. If you don’t have a social media presence — on LinkedIn, Twitter, or your own website — you may not get noticed.

Adapted from "Update Your Job Search" by Priscilla Claman.

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