Beastie Boys Nemesis GoldieBlox Is Going to the Super Bowl


GoldieBlox, the girls' toy startup best known for its viral hit video that prompted a legal threat from the Beastie Boys, is going to the Super Bowl, thanks to Intuit.

The 15-person startup won Intuit's Small Business Big Game contest, which challenged such small businesses to tell their story in 600 words or fewer. The prize: Exposure in a 30-second ad during the game's third quarter. GoldieBlox was named a semi-finalist in the contest in November, around the same time a video from the startup went viral.

The video, which has now surpassed 10 million views, also drew unwelcome attention from the Beastie Boys, who threatened to sue over the use of the group's song, "Girls." After a short standoff, GoldieBlox pulled the song from the video Read more...

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