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KFC is the first brand in Russia to invite customers to star in a TVC, thanks to a movie-inspired experiential campaign by Perfect Fools, the international creative studio. For the launch of its new Bacon iTwister, KFC restaurants in Moscow and St Petersburg will be transformed into film studios with the installation of a fully-automated, instant movie-making machine called the “MovieMatic”. The MovieMatic is programmed to light, direct, shoot, edit and post process a 45-second mini-feature that is pushed to YouTube. After the “Action” button is hit a classic movie countdown launches a teaser of how the customer could “Be a Star”. The pressure is on for the actor to deliver four scenes in quick succession, prompted prior to each take by the virtual director’s instructions.ECD: Tony Högqvist Creative Director: Klas Lusth Producer: Amit Raab, Guido Van Den Meersche Art Director: Karl Nord Designer: Erik Nilsson Technical Director: Bjorn Kummeneje Developer: Mikael Palm Developer: Mathias Adolfsson Developer: Michael Lindfors Client Lead: Patrick Gardner, Anna Lindequist Partner Agency: Hungry Boys

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