Oregon Lottery, All Things Oregon: Beaver

The Oregon Lottery wanted to get Oregonians to play state funded games like Oregon's Game - Megabucks, rather than playing national games like Powerball. So how did we get our state's citizens to play local? Enter Eugene Buckland. Eugene is a lover of all things Oregon. In fact, he loves all things in Oregon so much he runs a local public-access television show called “All Things Oregon.” For as much as he loves our state animal, state rock, and state everything, it only makes sense that he would love Oregon’s Game as well. Eugene is just the right amount of quirky to represent our quirky state.

Advertising Agency: R/West, Portland, Oregon, USA

Creative Director: Elizabeth Morrow-McKenzie

Associate Creative Director: Taylor Siolka

Art Director: Ian Johnson

Copywriter: Taylor Siolka

Director: Sean Blixseth

Producer: Elliot Freeman

Director of Photography: Joe Meade

Published: January 2014

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