Ad for VW's Seat Pits a Powerful Engine Against Toy Monkeys

Andrew McMains - February 28, 2014 at 10:19PM

Lowe's first work for Volkswagen's Seat, from its new Lola office in Barcelona, Madrid, takes acceleration to absurdist lengths.

A two-minute teaser ad that landed on YouTube this week features a guy seated in a high-back seat in front of a black acceleration pedal, albeit one detached from a car. It's connected to an engine, though, and as he depresses the pedal, a cluster of 280 toy monkeys also plugged in to the engine bizarrely start clanging the tiny cymbals in their hands. But as the guy presses down harder—creating a loud engine roar—the monkeys, sadly, burst into flames and explode into the air. "Only a Cupra can handle the engine of a Cupra," explains screen copy.

The ad then cuts to a thumbnail image of the Seat Leon Cupra and the fun tagline, “Enjoyneering.” It's just a teaser ad—the first of three—for a big campaign that rolls out next month. Let's hope the next one is kinder to kids' toys.


Client: Seat

Client Contact: Gabriele Palma / Jochen Dries

Creative Agency: Lola, Barcelona

Executive Creative Director: Chacho Puebla

Creative Directors: Néstor García, Nacho Oñate

Creative Team: Cristina Fité, Esther Matas, Miki Ocampo, Saray González

Agency Producer: Cristina Español

Global Business Director: Clark Steel

Account Supervisor: Alejandro Belloti

Production House: Blur

Director: Maxi Sterle

Producer: Pablo Acón

Postproduction House: Metropolitana

Sound Studio: Cannonball

Edits: Monkey, Washing Machine and Mechanical Bull

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