5 Ways to Create Content That Makes People Care

Creating a story. Writing a blog. Crafting a tweet. Taking a picture. Developing a concept. Whatever social media content you're working on, it's easy to get caught up in the creativity. That's totally understandable if you get preoccupied with ROI or brand goals. It's also likely that your focus is on the most effective way to promote a campaign or new product. This is when marketers lose sight of the question that should be top of mind throughout the entire content creation process: why do people care?

Making your audience care is the key to cultivating brand loyalty. Producing content that helps develop that relationship is the key to creative. You've got to keep your brand goals in mind and find a way to reach your business priorities, while still making content that will stand out in the social media space. Below are five easy ways to create effective content that truly resonates with your audience.

1. Create an emotional connection

Strong social content makes fans and followers feel not something just for the brand, but about their own lives. It can make them think of a family member or friend that has been affected by the topic you're posting about, or just remind them that they should call their mom. Regardless of how it hits them, what matters is that your post makes them stop, think and feel--and then hopefully, share.

2. Teach them something

It's a no-brainer that facts do well on social. Giving people new information, engaging infographics or even useless-but-funny tips is a great way to connect. Facts are also a great way to share new and interesting info about your brand or organization. Giving the audience insight into your company creates a new level of understanding of your brand and also gets your audience thinking.

3. Give them something

Whether it's a code for a free gift or something exclusive for the fans and followers of your page, make their connection with your brand mutually beneficial. If you're asking for their loyalty, business and support, why not give something back? It doesn't always have to be the biggest or the best giveaway, but showing them that you care enough to do something for your audience is a good way to demonstrate that you care and that you're listening to what they want.

4. Make them laugh

Social media makes marketing a two-way conversation. Social is the perfect place to be a little less buttoned up and do what you can to encourage your audience to laugh a little. It's easier to show the softer side of your company, while also putting out good content. So loosen up--your audience wants to know that there's a human on the other side of all that content.

5. Show them your softer side

It's okay to brag (a little) about the good your brand does in the world. Most companies are doing some CSR work or at least donating...tell your fans about it! Knowing that a brand is working on more than just pursuing profits deepens the connection and helps them see your company in a new way. Show them that not only are you making a good product, but you also are able to use some of the money that you're getting from consumers to make a positive impact on the world.

The bottom line is that every post has to be a conversation that creates a deeper connection. Stay focused on your bottom line and product goals, but understand how those can be achieved through a strong relationship with consumers. Be human, be transparent, be interesting and be honest. That's how to make social work for your brand.

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