5 Ways to Get the Job You Want

1. Contact the companies you want to work for, even if they aren't advertising openings.


Sending a resume with a nice email about why you want to work for the company shows ambition and drive. I did this and landed a dream job in New York. They weren't even advertising for the position.

2. Consider hiring a headhunter.


If you're a professional, a good headhunter will have connections and can help get you the position you want. They charge a fee but if you land the dream job, it'll be worth it.

3. Use a separate email account for the job search.


Some of us use email addresses that have no meaning to others, or are silly. It's not wise to use bunnyhop123@email or studmuffin@email. It can look unprofessional. So try something subtler, like your name or initial and last name. A separate email account will also keep everything better organized.

4. Be persistent.


Follow up in a week with a phone call or email. And when you do send an email, add a little more info about yourself or your skills. This way, it's not just about a follow up but it allows the employer to get to know you better. You are selling yourself to this person.

5. Clean up your social media mess.


Google yourself and see what comes back. If there are photos that are unbecoming or social media posts that aren't in good taste, consider removing them. Also take a look at your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as your Instagram account to weed out the bad stuff. This doesn't mean you can't have fun, but you don't want to appear as a drunken mess to a potential employer.

Photos courtesy of Brad Wheelis

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