Centrica needs a new kind of boss to turn it into a green energy firm. One who doesn't worry about bonuses

Seven figure salary or no, surely someone will relish the job of running a fairer, greener Centrica, and creating a company the public can respect and trust

Sir Denis Rooke ran the state-owned British Gas Corporation as chairman, a job for which he was paid a yearly salary of £24,715 (the equivalent today of around £120,000) according to a parliamentary record from 1978.

Now, it is said, it may be hard to find new senior executives at the corporation's successor, Centrica, because Rooke's equivalent, Sam Laidlaw, earned just £2.2m last year (after a £5.7m payout 12 months earlier). In fact, running British Gas Corporation was arguably a bigger task, because it was made up of the gas sales and trading business, plus what is now National Grid and the exploration company, BG.

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