ATM Gives Out Surprise Gifts That Will Warm Your Heart


For a few lucky customers in Canada, one bank's special ATM dispensed a lot more than cash.

As part of its "TD Thanks You" marketing campaign, TD Canada Trust asked its branch employees to pick some of their favorite customers for a special surprise. About 20 people were told that they would be helping "test out a new ATM," according to Chris Stamper, TD's senior vice president for corporate marketing. Much to their surprise, when the customers approached the ATM, it started speaking with them, and even knew their names.

Some of the customers "have been through tough times, and some are just wonderfully kind and caring people," Stamper wrote in an email. An additional 40 people weren't preselected but simply happened to be in the right bank at the right time. The special "Automated Thanking Machines" were set up at branches in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Read more...

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