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On July 30, Skype will launch a two day live streaming event titled âLevel 48â. The event will feature CollegeHumorâs Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld (Jake and Amir), and be hosted by actor/comedian Bobby Lee. Fans will be able to watch, chat and participate in the outcome of all 48 levels of the game which will include everything from designing the room to gameplay advice to plotting shenanigans via Skype on Xbox One with Lee who will act as the eventâs game master. During the two day campaign created by agency Pereira & OâDell, Jake and Amir will compete against one another to determine who is the better gamer. Their only mode of communication to the audience will be through Skype on Xbox one. By adding âTeam Jakeâ or âTeam Amirâ to their Skype contacts, the audience can either help or hinder their performance by providing gaming tips or by initiating various absurdities. In the most offbeat way possible, Level 48 will showcase many of Skypeâs capabilities on Xbox One including voice command and gesture controls, messaging and Snapâ a feature that lets you talk and game at the same time. For more information, go to Category: Telecommunications URL: Client: Skype Agency: Direct Production: Pet Gorilla Country: United States of America Agency: Pereira & O'Dell PJ Pereira, Chief Creative Officer Jonathan Woytek, Creative Director Brett Beaty, Sr Art Director Ben Sweitzer, Art Director Simon Friedlander, Writer Chris Ryan, Writer Carolina Penner, Designer Aaron Rodriguez, Designer Jeff Ferro, VP of Production Kelsie Van Deman, Executive Producer Ivy Truong, Account Director Ali Forgeron, Management Supervisor Michael Reardon, Account Manager Conrad Schuman, Project Manager Molly Cabe, Associate Strategy Director Jasmine Summerset, Associate Strategy Director Liz Wood, Media Strategist Oliver Berbecaru, Media Strategist Katie McKinley, Assistant Media Strategist Kallie Halbach, Director of Business Affairs Jaime Szefc, Business Affairs Manager Molly Parsley, Director of PR Website and live event produced by Pet Gorilla Director: Luc Schurgers Exec Producer: Dominic Bernacchi Teaser and vignettes produced by CollegeHumor and Big Breakfast

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