The RET review only cares about coal profits, not renewable energy

The review did not conclude that the RET had failed to fulfil its objectives, rather it decided that the objectives were irrelevant

Lets not beat around the shrubbery: the review of the renewable energy target (RET) led by Dick Warburton was a sham designed from the very start to conclude that the RET should be wound back. If you dont agree with the overwhelming scientific view on climate change you are not going to feel any great need for Australia to bother about pursuing renewable energy. Instead, youll view renewable energy as an optional extra and that view permeates the RET review.

The RET was not implemented because of some random desire to force businesses to use electricity generated by a more expensive method. It was introduced by the Howard government in 1997 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It was included as part of the largest and most far-reaching package of measures to address climate change ever undertaken by any government in Australia.

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