18,822 likes and comments per branded post; that’s Instagram

Instagram is that one social media network companies know about, want to use but can’t figure out how to crack the code. Instagram is like the love child of Pinterest and Tumblr. It’s image driven. Its users are young and creative and it’s primarily a mobile network though there are ways to work with it online.

Instagram users are highly engaged and loyal but you have to do your part with images and messaging that’s worth their time. You could say that about any social network but I think it’s even more true of Instagram.

The rewards for getting it right are amazing.

Madewell instagram

Yes, that says 9,162 others like this. This picture from MadeWell also received 60 comments in under a week.

Simply Measured just published the results of their Q3 2014 Instagram Study which looks at the Interbrand 100 Top Global brands who use the site.

86% of the top 100 global brands are on Instagram now compared to only 54% a year ago. 73% post a pic or video at least once a week and that’s also up over last year. 34 brands out of the 100 now have more than 100,000 followers. Two years ago, that number was 12.

Now let’s look at the important numbers: engagement.

Monthly engagement for the top 100 brands – that’s likes and comments – has doubled doubled since last year. That means Instagram users are not only okay with branded content they’re actually interested in what brands are doing. And since engagement is growing faster than new brands are coming on board, there’s plenty of room at the top.

In Q3 2014, the average engagement on an Interbrand 100 post was 18,822 likes / comments. If your brand had even a small portion of that activity it would be worth your time.

Speaking of time, the average Interbrand 100 post receives 50% of the comments in the first six hours. High performing posts hit the mid-mark 13 hours in and low performers cross the line at 3 hours.

If you’re hoping to become the next big brand on Instagram, here are a few tips from the big boys via Simply Measured:

  • On average, posts that include another user handle in the caption net 56% more engagement

  • Caption length doesn’t impact engagement either way so fill up the space with . . .

  • Hashtags! Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.

And, I have it on good teenage authority that Instagramers regularly use the hashtag search function to find what they want. On Twitter, hashtags can be useful but on Instagram, they’re a must!

A year ago you could have ignored it, but if you’re marketing to anyone under 30, you need to create a presence on Instagram.

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