39 percent of Tweeters called Twitter their new holiday shopping list

Twitter Holiday 1 If you’re a Scrooge about Christmas, stay away from Twitter because people who Tweet are the happiest (and spend-thriftiest) of holiday shoppers.

Back in August, DB5 surveyed 2,100 shoppers on behalf of Twitter and more than half were regular Twitter users. Taking into consideration the fact that Twitter published the results. . . .the outcome was quite interesting.

34% of those surveyed said they had already begun thinking about holiday shopping. A huge 81% of the Twitter regulars said they love holiday shopping. (To which the surveyor replied, ‘if you love it so much you should marry it’. ) Only 56% of the non-Twitter regulars said they were looking forward to holiday shopping which brings us to the first point:

Twitter users love shopping for gifts.

Tweeters are also a generous lot. A quarter of them plan to spend more than $1,000 on gifts. Only 10% of non-Twitters said they’d fork over a grand.

Top on the holiday gift list? Clothing and shoes (75%); gift certificates (71%); movies, music or video games (65%) and electronics (63%). Twitter users were also slightly more likely to buy additional items that weren’t on their original shopping list.

Twitter holiday categories

How does Twitter itself figure into all of this?

52% of Twitter users said they saw a product on Twitter that they later purchased. A few more folks agreed that Twitter promotions actually motivated them to buy.

I believe all of that, but here’s where it gets weird for me:

54% of users check Twitter to learn about products when at a retail store.

I love Twitter but it’s not even on the list of places I’d check to learn more about a product while I’m shopping. Why would you do this? It’s certainly not an efficient way to price check or read reviews. The only time it makes sense to me, is if someone on Twitter mentioned a product you wanted to try but when you get to the store you can’t remember the specifics. What was that movie Eunice said she loved so much. . . . open Twitter, find Eunice, locate Tweet. There it is; “Love Actually”. The perfect, tearjerker, holiday movie. Got it.

Okay, I’ll give them that one, but this one?

. . . it’s so convenient to find gift ideas on Twitter that 39% say Twitter serves as their new holiday shopping list.

Really? How does that work exactly? I guess you could favorite all of the Tweets about great gift ideas. Is there any other way to collect a group of random Tweets?

Here’s what we do know for sure; when an item trends on Twitter, purchase volume rises.

Twitter Holiday buzz

If you can create your own buzz with limited time offers and exclusive bundles, it will be your Tweets that get added to the holiday shopping lists.

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