Anti-Gun Ads Use Real Mass Shootings and Bloody Visuals in Attempt to Sway Voters

David Gianatasio - October 30, 2014 at 06:01AM

These PSAs for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence must rank among the most unnervingly visual—and potentially polarizing—this category has ever produced. And that's really saying something.

A somber soundtrack and director Mark Pellington's moody color palette build an atmosphere of extreme foreboding in these videos created by by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness. In one spot, a middle-aged man reads newspaper coverage of the Aurora, Colo., theater massacre. Another shows young people learning of the Virginia Tech killings via their mobile phones.

In each ad, a voiceover begins, "You did not buy the guns. You did not load the bullets. You did not empty the chamber. But you voted. You voted for politicians that refused to support common-sense gun laws. Vote only for candidates who would fight to reduce gun violence."

What do we see on screen during this narration? Let's just call it a blunt visual metaphor that's sure to rankle the coalition's opposition and generate lots of attention for the cause.

Ultimately, I'm not sure this approach succeeds, despite the fierce sincerity of its message. The intended audience could feel unfairly guilt-tripped, and many viewers, regardless of their position on guns, might find the imagery heavy-handed.

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