Realty Mogul Is Changing The Crowdfunding Game

When it comes to crowdfunding, sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the first to come to mind. However, crowdfunding in the real estate space has its own identity. It's called Realty Mogul.

"We’re a finance business and a technology business," founder and CEO Jilliene Helman explained. "We pool capital on the internet for real estate transactions. We will sift through billions of dollars in real estate transactions to find the transactions that we think make the most sense, and then we’re giving that investor detailed information to make their own investments."

Most crowdfunding sites allow users to back a product or idea, but, as Helman said, real estate is different. "We’re still crowdfunding in the element that we’re pooling capital together, but we’re really focused on that high net worth investor who wants to diversify into real estate."

The minimum investment one can make through Realty Mogul is $10,000, while the average customer invests $60,000 across the platform. According to Helman, over 50 percent of the company's investors make more than one transaction.

Much like other crowdfunding pioneers, Realty Mogul is on track to raise billions of dollars for its projects, and has become the largest online marketplace for real estate investors -- but Helman isn't resting on her laurels just yet. "Redefining an industry is one thing," she added. "But building an industry is something different."

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