Defrauded online but I ended up with a black mark on my Experian credit check

Nationwide asked me to cut up my card ... then I discovered I couldn’t open an Isa account

Last March someone tried to use my credit card details to obtain £780-worth of goods online. Nationwide was quick to identify an unusual transaction and contacted me straight away. I was instructed to cut up my card which I did immediately. Since then they have not sent a replacement as they promised, nor did they send me any correspondence. In September, I tried to open an Isa account with HSBC, but a credit check revealed I had a delinquent account and I was refused. I had to open an account with Experian to discover that, six months on, Nationwide still hadn’t resolved the fraud issue and my account showed a £780 debt plus interest. After weeks of chasing, I have received a statement showing that this sum has been cancelled but Nationwide has not notified Experian to remove the black mark. Meanwhile, I am out of pocket having lost the interest and related benefits from the Isa and I paid to sign up to Experian. KS, North Ferriby, Yorkshire

After emailing me you discover that, in a botched attempt to sort the problem, Nationwide has opened a second account in your name with Experian which shows a healthy credit rating, but that’s small comfort since the old delinquent account remains. No one can explain how this came to be and they tell you that they have 56 days under their terms and conditions to get to the bottom of the mystery.

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