Has John Lewis lost the digital-age plot?

It likes to think of itself as the nation’s favourite retailer, but readers have been telling us a different story

Is John Lewis in danger of throwing away its long-held and hard-won reputation for being Britain’s best-managed retailer? Guardian Money readers have been filling our postbag with tales of poor service from John Lewis – and even members of staff have joined in, albeit anonymously.

Longstanding customers, some of whom have shopped at the store for 30 years, have described their experience of service levels in recent months in terms of shock and disappointment.

I was left with a dustbin-load of ruined food and a stained carpet

I got a refund for an ironing board but was never charged for the replacement!

The beds were delivered but not to the address given. There were three days of non-returned calls

They said ‘These things happen’ when my scooter went missing

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