Voters face epic choice at general election – over the size of the state

On 7 May, electors will be offered the starkest choice in a generation. We weigh up the radically different Tory and Labour spending plans

For two decades and more, it has been a truism in British political campaigning that where spending the public’s hard-earned cash is concerned, there is mortal danger in allowing too much space to open up between you and the opposition.

Make too many spending pledges, or venture a modest tax rise or two, and you risk being tethered to a giant, Zeppelin-style “tax bombshell”, looming over anxious households (Labour, 1992). Pledge to make deeper cuts than your rivals, and they can paint you as a brutal, Thatcher-style job-snatcher, taunting you with questions about how many nurses, teachers and doctors you plan to sack to meet your spending targets (copyright G Brown).

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