Ad of the Day: Epic Audi Spot With Marauding Mechanics Is Ridiculously Fun

Tim Nudd - February 27, 2015 at 09:00PM

Getting your car serviced by a dealer, rather than some random mechanic, isn't just a smart idea. It's a triumph of good over evil.

That's the message of this very entertaining, intentionally over-the-top Audi commercial from German agency Thjnk and Radical Media director Sebastian Strasser. And indeed, the freelance mechanics here are very much to be feared, as hundreds of them—greasy mitts clutching wrenches—chase down an Audi as it roars through a desert on its way to an Audi Service center for its tuneup.

It's wonderfully silly, and very nicely shot. The mechanics multiply, with giant packs of them teeming and seething, falling over each other, and eventually gathering in a giant pulsing heap outside the service center—very much recalling the Grand Prix-winning PlayStation "Mountain" ad from 2003.

"Don't let your Audi fall into the wrong hands," says the on-screen copy at the end.

The ad's focus "is not the 'conventional' communications about service personnel and what they have to offer, but rather the monumental showcasing of the eternal struggle between good and evil," the agency said in a statement.

Silke Miksche, head of marketing communications for Audi Germany, added: "The subject of 'service' is of tremendous importance both for the customer and for us as car manufacturer and our dealerships—and yet it has so far not been the focus of our communications. The way we approach the subject is altogether unexpected—emotional, spectacular, epic. In other words, this is truly big-screen stuff."


Client: Audi

Title: "Mechanics"

Agency: Thjink Berlin GmbH

Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schulte

Creative Director: Siyamak Seyedasgari

Account: Nicole Bierwolf, Hendrik Heine

Director: Sebastian Strasser

Production Company: RadicalMedia berlin

dop: Roman Vasyanov

Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser, Kathy Rhodes, Yan Schoenefeld

Casting: Julia Kim (US), Francesca Green (UK)

Editor: Paul Hardcastle, Trim Editing

Colorist: George K, MPC London

Score: Robert Cairns

VFX: Time Based Arts, London

VFX Supervisor: James Allen

VFX Lead Artists: James Allen, Sheldon Gardner, Steven Grasso

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