Behind every cold call is a person hating their life | Kate Solomon

Spare a thought for the lost soul on the other end of the line – and let’s hope that the new British legislation will put and end to nuisance phone calls

There used to be an element of magic to receiving a call from an unknown number. Infinite possibilities lay in your landline bleating anonymously or “unknown caller” flashing up on your mobile. A rich benefactor hoping to share their millions with you would obviously have a hidden number, as would all the celebrities who may have been yearning for you from afar.

But the dream dies as soon as you answer. Apparently you have been missold PPI, or perhaps now is just the right moment to think about investing in solar panels. Three-fifths of us don’t want to answer our phones because of these nuisance calls, but because the Information Commissioner’s Office had to prove that calls caused “substantial damage or substantial distress”, until now few companies could be punished for making us want to ignore our own phones.

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