Humanoïde: Ripped

We have convinced Humanoïde to tear out a single page from the new issue of their magazine. By selling a magazine with a page that’s been ripped out, Glory Paris wants to show that turning a paper page is still a special kind of pleasure.
 Humanoïde is a new magazine about technology and its impact on our society. Humanoïde--whose tagline is “technology is the opium of people”-- features articles on technological innovations and how they can influence our daily life.
 Each year, the end of print is announced, and yet print survives. What’s more, a new print magazine dedicated to new technologies is created. Even though logic might suggest that Humanoïde should be digital, this new print magazine has been launched and is sold in newsstands.
 For the third issue of Humanoïde, the well-know and respected novelist Laurent Gaudé (Goncourt Prize 2004) has written an article on how intimate paper is to a writer. Humanoïde calls for the defense of paper in the future.

Advertising Agency: Glory Paris, France

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