Martha Stewart sets her sights on China's booming middle class

The do-it-yourself maven talks tech, including her love of drones and the benefits of 3D printing, and her plans to become a go-to household brand in China

Martha Stewart, America’s do-it-yourself darling, has set her sights on a huge new market: China.

Speaking at New York Social Media Week this week, Stewart said that she is seeking international expansion for her eponymous lifestyle media and merchandising business, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

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I love my drones. I don’t know if all my neighbors love my drones. One of my drones got stuck up in a neighbor’s tree and that was kind of embarrassing to go and retrieve it.”

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I started dreaming a long time ago about what computers could do for us, and I must say I have been very disappointed in what they can do for us.”

Then the other thing about staying classy online is don’t read a lot of what’s being written to you, because it’s not all very nice. And never look at the pictures. You don’t know what I’ve gotten. Oh. ... I can just imagine what Kim Kardashian gets.”

I get unsolicited advice every single day. But I think it was my father - he was a really good guy - and he said, when I was very very young: ‘If you apply yourself you can do just about everything.’ And he is right.

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