Regain your dignity after these embarrassing new job blunders


Starting a new job is an exciting adventure. But it's also riddled with landmines of potential awkwardness — think getting lost on the way to the copier or mistaking your new colleague for the mail guy. The gaffes and blunders may be inevitable, but they can still catch you off guard if you're not prepared.

The best teacher is experience, and luckily for you, I've had my share of cringe-worthy new job encounters over the years. Here are few of my favorites and how I recovered with my dignity — and my job — intact after each horrific incident

1. The CEO I didn't know

It was literally my first day on the job, and one of my colleagues was walking me around the office to introduce me to everyone. Our office wasn't particularly large, but after working in a 10-person shop for the past several years, having more than 60 people in the office was overwhelming. Read more...

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