Ava the Robot Goes From Tinder to LinkedIn, and Will Now Schedule Meetings for You

Tim Nudd - March 31, 2015 at 12:59AM

Ava, the artificial intelligence from the movie Ex Machina who famously punked Tinder users during South by Southwest, isn't interested only in dating. She also has a business side, it turns out—and she wants to help schedule your next meetings.

A24 Films, the company behind Ex Machina, has extended Ava's off-screen antics through a partnership with A.I.-driven personal assistant startup x.ai. If you've seen the Spike Jonze movie Her, you'll have an inkling of what x.ai does. It offers users a personal assistant named Amy—who's actually an A.I., but who can schedule meetings like she's a real human.

When you're emailing with someone and you want to schedule a meeting with them, you just cc: amy@x.ai, and she takes it from there. (Scroll down to see how x.ai explains the process in more detail.)

Now, Ava is joining Amy as the company's second A.I. personal assistant. Just copy ava@x.ai, and she'll schedule the meetings for you. She's even got her own LinkedIn page. Her gig with x.ai is temporary, though. It only goes through April 30, at which point she'll probably start randomly friending people on Facebook.

via Business Feeds

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