Images: How to Find and Choose High-Impact Photos


Ever throw your hands up in frustration when it comes time to look for an image for your latest blog post?

Let’s start with the bad news: a terrible stock photo is worse than no photo at all.

The good news? There are more free stock photos available now than ever before!

But you have to know where to look. And you need to understand a little about image licensing, like the difference between free, royalty-free, and Creative Commons license terms. Or else that photo you use could land you in legal trouble.

In this episode of Hit Publish, host Pamela Wilson shares the best image tips from some of the people responsible for choosing images for our Copyblogger blog.

Listen in to host Pamela Wilson, plus Demian Farnworth, Robert Bruce, and Jerod Morris discuss:

  • What exactly “royalty-free” and “Creative Commons” means, and how knowing the difference could keep you out of court

  • How to “borrow” someone else’s esthetic sense if you feel like you don’t have any of your own

  • The crucial extra step you need to take when using certain “free” images you find online

  • Our favorite stock photo sites and how to use what you find there

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