Who cares if Jack White or Nicki Minaj gets more money for music?


A row of obscenely rich musicians stood awkwardly on stage together on Monday as Alicia Keys quoted German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to reveal Tidal, the streaming music service bought by Jay Z.

"Without music, life would be a mistake," she said quoting Nietzsche. (The philosopher, who wrote frequently about asceticism and who might have been surprised to find his words associated with the world's wealthiest musicians, also said "the mother of excess is not joy but joylessness.")

It was a surreal scene that only got weirder. After Keys had finished a rollicking speech about a better service for artists and fans, each of the musicians signed a "declaration of independence" and then... stood there. Nobody seemed to know what to do next. Jay Z poked his head backstage as if to ask "What next? The group stood there for a few more moments before the lights came down, and it was time for all of them to file off the stage Read more...

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