Passion Projects, Clarity, and the Evolution of No Sidebar


As an online entrepreneur, No Sidebar host Brian Gardner is learning just how crucial being agile is to running a successful business.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being involved in a personal project — especially when you’re passionate about it — but continually keeping your audience in mind is always a good thing.

Over the last couple months of running No Sidebar, Brian has identified three types of people he wants to specifically cater to …

In this 24-minute episode of No Sidebar, host Brian Gardner and Robert Bruce discuss:

  • Who has control over whether or not something is great
  • Focusing on the fundamentals of your craft
  • Bono, being 16, and taking over the world
  • Why passion projects are tough in the context of business
  • George Costanza doing “The Opposite”
  • The early stages of No Sidebar and how it got started
  • Brian’s focus on writers, designers, and podcasters
  • The Dip by Seth Godin
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