Small Business Must-Reads -- Wednesday, April 29

By WSJ SMALL BUSINESS TEAM Asia’s upstarts: Venture-capital firms continued to pour money into China in the first three months of 2015, putting the industry on course for another massive year. The Wall Street Journal. Lagging recovery: The recession isn’t over for some small businesses six years after the downturn’s official end. Retailers and homebuilders are among those whose revenue is below the levels they enjoyed before the recession’s December 2007 official beginning. In addition, the difficulty many small companies have in getting loans has prolonged the recovery. Associated Press. Immigration: There’s such high demand for employees adept in technology and other skilled fields that nearly two-thirds of the applications for H-1B visas will be denied. My San Antonio. British business: David Cameron’s small-business humiliation unfolds. Here’s the truth about those 5,000 small businesses in the letter that appeared on the front page of the Daily Telegraph as a list of small-business owners who support the Conservative Party. Forbes. LendIt: Why online lending is about to take off with small business owners. Fortune. Pitching: During conversations with VCs, entrepreneurs will often encounter a few sneaky questions that have nothing to do with their actual businesses today. Here are three to look out for. TechCrunch. Follow WSJSmallbiz on Twitter @WSJsmallbiz What are you reading today? Please add your comments, or shoot us a note at .

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