VIMEO CEO: This is what the future of television will look like

Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor

The CEO of video-sharing service Vimeo outlined what he sees as the future of television in a talk at the Financial Times Digital Media conference in London.

Trainor said in a video call that TV has actually made some substantial developments, getting "better and better in the type of programming that's being produced."

Vimeo recently signed a deal with HBO to pick up its original series "High Maintenance," which is about the life of a cannabis dealer in New York. Online services like Vimeo and YouTube are investing in original content, and support from HBO shows that more traditional TV audiences are starting to take notice.

But Trainor also criticised traditional TV networks:

The user experience of TV, that’s where we’re going to see a lot of change, and we already are. The linear aspect of it is pretty much on its way out for early adopters and younger audiences. It's doing a much better job of migrating into digital environments than the music industry did 10 years ago.

You’re going to see a shift in consumption patterns which predates a shift in economic patterns. The user consumption has certainly already shifted. The economic shift has begun to file, and the ad progress is happening. The paid content progression is underway. Users are going to want to create their own video diet.

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