Chris Brogan on the Business of Being Yourself


As cliché as it sounds, some of the best business advice you can get is simply … be who you are.

It sounds impractical that in a ruthless world filled with corporations, venture capitalists, and never-ending competition, we’re encouraged to drop our personas and keep things real.

From being different, to taking risks, you’ll gain a tremendous amount of knowledge in this episode of No Sidebar. Chris Brogan says, “We often mistake busy for progress,” and he’s no rookie when it comes to giving entrepreneurial advice.

Listen up and take notes, as one of the most successful marketing and social media guys on the planet takes the floor.

In this 25-minute episode of No Sidebar, host Brian Gardner and Chris Brogan discuss:

  • What Sally Hogshead said at Authority Rainmaker that rocked Brian’s world
  • Being busy vs. being blessed
  • The best piece of advice that Brian Clark gave Chris
  • Why Chris says “yes” to most of the podcast interview requests he gets
  • How a joke landed Chris a $40,000 client experience
  • Why trying to mimic someone else’s success is a bad idea
  • What a nine-year-old teaches us about business models
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