Solve Your Online Proofreading Problems With This Simple Trick


This episode of Rough Draft is for anyone with limited time and limited proofreading skills. Like host Demian Farnworth.

There’s a common myth web writers fall for: the idea that proofreading online isn’t nearly as important as writing for print. If you believe that, you would be wrong.

Proofreading is essential.

So today Demian is happy as a kitten to introduce you to Stefanie Flaxman, Copyblogger’s Editor-in-Chief, who will help you choose the right words and teach you time-saving ways to improve your copy.

You are going to love Stefanie because she doesn’t consider herself a defender of language … she considers herself a defender of the writer.

That means she’s full of neat tricks and deep wisdom about writing clear, concise, and compelling copy for the web. From the proofreader’s perspective.

In this 16-minute episode of Rough Draft with Demian Farnworth and Stefanie Flaxman, you’ll discover:

  • That some things you write online are actually permanent (in other words, can’t be changed)
  • Whether or not people are more forgiving online
  • What kind of proofreader never to hire
  • The dead-wrong way to use language
  • A time-saving exercise that will solve most of your proofreading problems
  • When it’s okay to make language errors or break grammar rules
  • How profanity can make your writing look worse
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